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APP Goes Paperless

Jackson Wallace

December 15, 2022

Earlier this month Alchemy Performance Product's (APP) released a statement discussing our goal of contributing to achieving the Australian Packaging Covenant Organization (APCO) 2025 sustainability targets by making significant changes to how our business operates. 

The first of many changes we’ll be implementing is that APP will be going paperless following the lead of other pharmaceutical companies.

Going paperless is one of the many activities the organization will be taking to limit our environmental footprint as we embrace sustainability in an attempt to reach carbon neutrality. 

In our going paperless initiative we’ll be stopping the printing of:

  • Advertisements & promotional materials.
  • Presentations & reports.
  • Research material. 

And instead opting for digital versions. 

We believe that paperless is the path forward and would love to encourage our partners and customers to drive this initiative through their own organisation as well.