Desiccant Sachet Dispenser

Desiccant Sachet Dispenser

The ATC 269 Desiccant Packets Dispenser is designed to accurately cut and dispense continuous strip sachet in which desiccant absorbent packets with plastic film or Non-Woven film, etc. are forwarded to a designated position.

This system is customized with most APP continuous strip sachet, as easy to operate.
Follow the GMP Pharma packaging and Food packaging industrial application.
New design: Safeguard against cutting mistakes and broken sachets.

Specifications: MODEL ATC 269
  • Performance
    Capacity - MAX: 90 PCS/Min (Note: packet length ≤ 50mm, single packet cutting)
    Deviation of cut position: Within ±1.5 mm of set position
  • Packets specifications
    Style: Limited to 3 or 4 sides sealed packets
    Dimension: MAX: 80(P)*30(w)*4(T) mm
    Weight: MAX: 3g
  • Control
    System: Programmable Logic Controller
  • Pitch Detection
    Detector: Panasonic NAVI Visible Indicator to Punch (hole)
    Auxiliary device (optional): Eye Mark Detector
  • Cutter
    Cutter type: Straight edge
  • Dispensation
    System: Natural drop via chute (which is by order in details.)
  • Alarm
    Alarm device: Alarming light with buzzer
  • Electrical
    Power source: Single Phase AC 220/240V 50/60 HZ 1000W
  • Machine Weight
  • Size
    L x W x H: 1200x1100x1850 mm
  • Operation Environment
    Room Temperature: 0 to 40 degrees C., free from dew formation
  • Frame material
    Stainless steel and Aluminium alloy
  • Interface language
    English and Chinese


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