Desiccant Canisters & Capsules

Desiccant Canisters & Capsules

A full line of rigid desiccant canisters and capsules. For when controlled atmosphere packaging is required to control moisture, odor and other volatiles. The active packaging platform is customizable with various sorbent materials. Ideal for pharmaceutical packaging and nutritional packaging, they are available with silica gel, bentonite clay, molecular sieve, activated carbon and specialized adsorbents.

Industry leading controlled atmosphere packaging is required.

Desiccant canisters are small cylindrical containers filled with active agents that can be inserted at high rates of speed into pharmaceutical bottles and have become the gold standard of pharmaceutical desiccants. Their special design allows them to be used in standard insertion equipment and continuously fed into pharmaceutical packaging lines. Offering several standard sizes ranging from ½ gram to 3 grams to address different packaging configurations. Desiccant capsules are similar to canisters, but available in a variety of sizes and formats to address special packaging conditions. We have a special line of canisters designed to enhance nutritional products by adding a pleasant aroma to nutraceutical packaging. Benefits include:


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