Integrated Desiccant Closure

Integrated Desiccant Closure

Specialists in active and protective packaging solutions. Integrated Desiccant Closure is a pharmaceutical cap that combines tamper-evident, child-resistant and twist-off cap functionalities with a built-in desiccant.

The IDC eliminates packaging inefficiencies by providing an all-in-one solution and streamlines the packaging operation.

Since the IDC integrates the desiccant into the closure, it eliminates the equipment and processing time needed to insert a drop-in desiccant separately, as well as the quality checks needed to ensure a desiccant was placed in the bottle. Furthermore, the design of the cap and bottle creates a seal that eliminates the need for an induction seal. Benefits include:

  • The IDC offers several necessary functionalities in one component.
  • The packaging operation by avoiding the desiccant insertion and verification process.
  • A variety of desiccant fills and customized configurations are available.


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