Barrier Bottles

Barrier Bottles

Specialists in protective packaging technologies, including multi-layer extrusion blow molded pharmaceutical containers. In order to inhibit the oxidation of sensitive drugs, our barrier bottles are engineered with six layers, one of which includes Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol (EVOH). Barrier bottles effectively block oxygen ingress by a factor of 100 compared to regular bottles and also provide an excellent barrier against moisture. The six-layer structure can also incorporate a UV barrier, as well as customer-specific resins and design characteristics.

Working with customers to customise performance parameters, materials and bottle design.

For a complete solution, Barrier bottles can be used in conjunction with oxygen absorbers which absorb the oxygen contained in the container headspace after drug filling and the small amount of oxygen that may still permeate into the container during shelf life. Benefits include:

  • Barrier Bottles protect pharmaceutical products from oxidation.
  • Oxygen ingress is blocked by a factor of 100 compared to regular polyethylene bottles.
  • With oxygen scavengers, a complete oxygen protection package is available.


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