Pharmaceutical & Nutraceutical

Vitamin, Tablets & Others

An array of products designed to preserve the quality and prolong the life of vitamins & other medications.


Packaging options dedicated to absorb humidity to control the moisture content to preserve probiotic formulations.


Tubes & Desiccant Stoppers designed to protect the efficacy of effervescent tablets.


A range of innovative products with a variety of different applications,

Food & Beverage

Oxygen & Moisture Protection

Perfect for preserving nuts, processed meats & others.


Oil Refinery

Refining agents used in the process of refining edible oils & fats.

Container Desiccants

Container desiccants used to prevent mold growth in shipping containers during storage.

Sachet & Canister Dispensers

Different machines used in the production & cutting of desiccant sachets & canisters.